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Inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine can lead to poor oral hygiene. As this continues to happen the plaque acids and bacteria in your mouth can start to demineralize an area of tooth enamel. This is even more likely to occur in contoured and textured surfaces of a tooth when bacterial deposits can start to collect.

With early detection, Dr. Stuart Graber might be able to repair a small cavity with an amalgam or composite dental filling.

The treatment process starts with Dr. Stuart Graber numbing the area before removing all the compromised tooth enamel with a special dental drill. Once the area has been prepared he will prepare the dental filling material.

If the cavity has compromised one of the molar or premolar in the back of your mouth it might be repaired with an amalgam dental filling. This is a blend of special dental grade metals that have the durability to handle the daily functions of chewing and grinding.

If the dental filling will be visible in your smile, Dr. Stuart Graber might use a composite dental filling This is a special dental plastic that can be shaded to seamlessly bond with the surrounding tooth enamel.

Once the dental filling has been applied Dr. Stuart Graber will cure it and secure the bond with a special ultraviolet light.

If you live in the Purchase, New York, area and you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should call 914-750-4376 to have it examined and treated at OneDent of Westchester.