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Fillings are typically used to repair chips and area of tooth decay that afflict a tooth’s enamel layer. While they are meant to last a long time, it is possible for the bond between the filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel to gradually weaken. When this happens, you might experience heightened sensitivity or discomfort when biting down. A filling on the lingual surface near the tongue might also have a change in textures.

Sometimes the dentists at OneDent of Westchester’s Purchase, New York clinic can replace a small, distresses filling with a slightly larger, new filling. However, if the bad filling is large or a new area of tooth decay has developed, your dentist might recommend a crown restoration. This will replace the entire tooth enamel layer in an alternate material.

After the filling and surrounding tooth enamel has been removed, we will take an impression of the tooth and cover it with a temporary crown. The impression itself will be sent to our dental lab where it will be created.

We will call you back in for a short second appointment when your crown is completed. The temporary crown will be removed and your dentist cement your new permanent crown in place over the abutment.

If you live in a Purchase, New York area and you have a tooth with a distressed filling, you should call 914-750-4376 to seek treatment at OneDent of Westchester’s dental offices.