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Sometimes, a child’s smile requires extra defenses to stop cavity development in the teeth, and this is available through fluoride treatment.

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally and can improve the tooth enamel quality so that it is less susceptible to oral bacteria. The minerals that keep tooth enamel strong undergo a daily process of demineralization and remineralization, in which the minerals are stripped away and regained. It’s important for teeth to gain more minerals than they lose in order to maintain their health. Fluoride is one of the ways that your child’s teeth can receive minerals faster.

What are my child’s options for fluoride?
Fluoride can be found in some sources of water and oral care products. For example, some cities add fluoride to communal water supplies, and it can be added to private wells. Our dentist can also recommend special toothpastes and mouth rinses that contain fluoride to improve your child’s dental hygiene and lower their risk of cavities.

How is fluoride offered at OneDent of Westchester?
We are pleased to offer professional fluoride treatment at the office, which can be provided at the end of your child’s dental checkup. Our team coats the teeth with a high fluoride concentration such as a varnish, gel or foam. Children who have particularly vulnerable teeth can also receive prescription fluoride supplements to enhance tooth enamel between dental checkups.

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