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The mineral density of your tooth enamel gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew food, while also helping to prevent cavities. If you are inconsistent in your daily oral hygiene routine, or you’re frequently consuming acidic beverages, it can start to demineralize your teeth.

When this happens, you might gradually experience increase tooth sensitivity problems as well as an increased chance of suffering a cavity. Fortunately, exposing your teeth to fluoride helps to restore some of the mineral density to your tooth enamel. This process, known as remineralization, can reduce the microscopic spaces bacteria could infiltrate.

If our dentists notice a problem with your tooth enamel during your routine checkup at our dental office in Purchase, New York, they might recommend a fluoride treatment. This can easily be performed at the end of your dental checkup.

If you have well water at home or our dentists have further concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel, they might provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements.

Brushing your teeth twice a day with toothpaste that includes added fluoride is also a great way to increase your fluoride exposure every day. It might also be wise to make some changes to your diet by cutting back on acidic foods and beverages.

If you live in the Purchase, New York, area and you have concerns about the strength of your teeth, you should call 914-750-4376 to schedule a dental exam and fluoride treatment at OneDent of Westchester. Our experienced dentists, Drs. Graber, Mark, Fish, Bly-Fish, Iommazo, and Schechtman are here for you!