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If tooth sensitivity is plaguing your healthy smile, you don’t want to ignore it. Our OneDent of Westchester dental team has some tips and information to help you overcome tooth sensitivity. Thankfully, there are many treatments that can eliminate your sensitivity. Let’s take a look at some of them:

-Professional fluoride treatment: Fluoride is a major ally when it comes to fighting tooth sensitivity. Usually, sensitivity results from acid breaking down your tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive layers within the tooth. Fluoride can build your enamel back up and block access to the internal structures that cause sensitivity.

-Brushing your pearly whites with desensitizing and fluoride toothpaste: Luckily, there are various toothpaste that can help with sensitivity, like desensitizing and fluoride toothpaste. These pastes can strengthen your teeth and block the sensitivity channels on a regular basis. So, feel free to use them when you brush your teeth twice a day.

-Removing acidic foods and beverages from your fare: Since enamel erosion is often the culprit of tooth sensitivity, acid is usually the main cause of your sensitivity issues. Acid tends to attack and wear down your tooth enamel. This is why it’s best to cut out as many acidic foods and drinks out of your diet as possible.

While you will benefit from these treatments, it is still important to learn what the underlying problems are so that the sensitivity won’t return. To help you determine the cause, feel free to enlist our help! Call 914-750-4376 to schedule an appointment with your OnDent dentist. During this visit, he/she will examine your teeth, determine the issue, and recommend the best treatment for your situation. We look forward to helping you resolve your tooth sensitivity in Purchase, New York!