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Cleaning between teeth often requires oral health care instruments designed for this specific purpose, which are referred to as interdental cleaners. One of the most highly effective versions of interdental cleaners is dental floss. Dental floss uses a threaded floss to help accurately wash away food debris and plaque buildup that can linger between your teeth and gums.

Dental floss is extremely effective for cleaning teeth, however, there are also alternative forms of interdental cleaners such as water flossers which do not use thread, but rather a beam of water to rinse out your mouth. When cleaning between teeth, it is important to make sure that you clean between every single tooth and behind the teeth in the furthest back row of your mouth. If you have any questions about which products to use, always look for a shred-resistant floss or one that features the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This ensures that the product will function as intended.

If you wish to clean your teeth, it is important to make sure the strand is long enough so that you can do so without having to use the same section of a strand more than once. This is important because it will help avoid recontamination. Ideally, you should use a section of dental thread that is 18“ in length. Be sure to wrap the thread around a finger on each hand and move up and down the strand as needed. Always floss between your teeth gently and slowly so you can clean on all sides without causing further damage. After you are done, dispose of the floss and use a new piece for each subsequent day.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but the quest for a perfect smile is more in reach with interdental treatments. If you are ready to see what interdental treatments can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit OneDent of Westchester at our dentist office in Purchase, New York. Dr. Stuart Graber and our team can be reached at 914-750-4376 .