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Are you ready to improve your smile with improved teeth-cleaning techniques? Although we often sing of brushing and flossing as being the most effective ways to keep your smile safe, there are numerous other treatments that you can add to your daily routine that will also improve your oral health. This can include dietary changes and avoiding unhealthy habits in your life. By expanding your oral health care portfolio, you give your smile the best chance for optimum success.

Did you know that various products you consume could be slowly damaging your teeth and gums? Not only can the intake of sugars drastically lower your oral health and put you at an increased risk for dental erosion and tooth decay, but so, too, can starchy foods. As a result, you can limit the intake of foods such as cereal, bread and chips, as they can speed up plaque formation. Furthermore, bacteria in your mouth can turn these foods into harmful acids that can eat through your tooth enamel. To help prevent this, rinse your mouth mouthwash or drink lots of water after eating.

In addition to your dietary selections, it is also important to analyze your lifestyle choices. If you routinely chew tobacco or smoke, your smile will be at an increased risk for numerous oral health ailments. The same can be said for illegal drugs. Not only can these substances cause mouth dryness but they can also lead to severe oral ailments. Thus, it is always a good idea to analyze your lifestyle choices and eliminate unhealthy habits. To seek out additional help with your oral health care, visit our [dt_type] for routine checkups and oral examinations.

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