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As you get older, your body begins to wear down. We often think of our muscles and bones weakening, but rarely do we think about the effect that aging has on our teeth. The truth is that your teeth will age over time just as you do. However, teeth are strong enough that with effective oral health care cleaning techniques and treatments, they can continue to function effectively for the rest of your life.

As you age, it may become more difficult to brush and floss. If you have any muscle conditions or find yourself struggling with traditional tools, consider swapping out your regular tools for upgraded versions such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers, which are easier to operate. In addition, your teeth may be more sensitive as you age, so always look for non-abrasive products including toothpaste and toothbrushes with soft bristles.

Any bad habits in your life can affect your oral health. If you drink heavy alcohol smoke or chew tobacco, or use drugs, you are at a much higher risk for ailments including tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and oral cancer. In addition, food can also have a greater impact later in life. Avoid hard snacks that can easily chip or crack your teeth, so avoid popcorn kernels and hard lollipops.

Additional tips to help keep your teeth safe as you age include a healthy diet, the avoidance of dry mouth, regular oral cancer screenings, brushing and flossing daily, and making time for your dentist via routine checkups and professional cleanings.

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